blaster worm question! i'm new here...

By grgrass
Oct 13, 2003
  1. anyways i found out i got the blaster worm virus. i haven't updated my norton anitvirus for about a year. i didn't have internet for a year. last week i use a dial up connection to get on the net my computer kept shutting down on me.

    anyways fast forward to tonight, i downloaded the systmatic worm blaster and it told me to unable 'system restore.' i downloaded microsoft's new patch and i got norton anti V '03 . so my question is, should go back and enable 'system restore' or should i leave it alone. will defaulting 'system restore' unable systematic's worm blaster? if all else i want to keep some sort of protection. what should i do?

    oh by the way after 4 hrs of installing patches and scanning viruses everything is good now, but i can't run belarc-does that have anything to do with my 'system restore?' sorry for the long story, thanks!

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  2. Tarkus

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    if you're all fixed up, you can turn on system restore again. That was just necessary for removing the worm.
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