Blizzard: Don't like your StarCraft II name? Change it for free!

By Matthew
Aug 16, 2010
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  1. Blizzard kicked up some dust last month when it revealed players would be forced to use their real first and last names to post on the official StarCraft II community site. Enraged gamers flogged the developer into submission and it abandoned plans to display users' true names only a few days after making the announcement. Stepping in the opposite direction today, the company actually wants to be sure you're happy with your name.

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  2. Kanye West voice: "Hmm, that's cool Blizzard, Imma let you finish but..."


    Smfh. Seriously ...
  3. cruza9

    cruza9 TS Rookie

    When is Blizzard going 3D with these games?
  4. Technically, it IS 3d. Scroll that mouse wheel up and be amazing at all the 3D-ness that is SC2

    And who cares about LAN games? Unless you're playing at a professional level, suck it up and connect to bnet to get your "LAN" on.
  5. how about you go cut your own throat infront of you mother while i molest your children.because lan is a vital part of gaming society. its fun just playing you friend, thats right next to you or in the next room without the hassle of internet. just simple, plug n play. not to mention, no lag or anything. so as i said at the start, go kill yourself as i take a dump on your mothers chest

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