Blu-ray optical drive?

By pabadosado
Dec 17, 2008
  1. Ok now i have a question... do you need a blu-ray optical drive to watch blu ray disc on your comp.. cause when i was on newegg and was looking up stuff it had dual layer dvd burner/whatever... does that mean i can watch blu ray with it? since it is a dual layer dvd. idk i was just wondering cause im wanting to get a laptop with blu-ray so i dont have to buy a hdtv and a blu ray player and be poor for the rest of my life cause then im gonna have to get hdtv cable and what not. lol.. i was just wondering what the basic essentials are for watching blu-ray disc on a pc.. or buring as well.
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    The dual layer burner doesn't mean bluray. There are Dual Layer DVDs, in fact, that is what most store bought DVDs are. Single layer will only get you ~4.3 gigs. Dual will get you about 8.5.

    You can buy a bluray drive for a PC though for less than $100, and then output your video to a HDTV and get full bluray HD.

    If you get a laptop with bluray and never output it to TV, you are doing yourself a disservice, because the resolution for bluray movies is going to be higher than your laptop's display can do (in most cases).
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    cool thanks a lot... idk where i saw it but someone said that your laptop has better resolutions than your tv does. so thats why i was just gonna get something with a hd graphics card and somehting in the bigger screen sizes with a bd player/burner.. cost a little extra for the burner part but thats always worth it.
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    It does have higher resolution than standard TVs, but its unlikely to have higher resolution than a 1080HD TV.
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