Blue Screen after reboot

By ratchoke99
Aug 17, 2015
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  1. Hello, was hoping someone could shine some light in helping me troubleshoot my problem. For awhile some programs would crash randomly, and sometimes some programs wouldn't even run. So I decided to do a full reinstall, and this is where the problem starts happening. First let me list the basics.

    Current Setup:
    Win 8.1 (I have to use the phone# to call and activate because Key is active in another PC)
    SSD Samsung EVO 850 (120gb)
    HDD 1tb WD10EZEX
    Asus H97i-Plus
    Intel i5-4690
    Corsair h100i
    Gskil F3-12800CL10D (x2 8gb for 16gb)

    I'm able to do a fresh install of win8.1 onto both HD (of course not done at same time). I'm able to install the proper Chipset/LAN driver and it runs just fine, windows activates etc. However, the problem occurs when I install any other update afterwards, whether it's done via Windows Update or I manually update say RealTek audio drivers. After I install the update/drivers it just boots into a blue screen. I am however able to 'restore' from the fresh install saved point. Anyone know if this is a hardware or software issue? I was leaning towards possibly a mobo...
  2. ratchoke99

    ratchoke99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Meant to say both SSD and HDD

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