Blue Screen Crash

By Spet
Jul 18, 2008
  1. Hi

    I have two games
    One from steam called dark messiah might and magic and one
    on cd call of duty 4.
    In dark messiah might and magic when start game goes everything well
    i play for a bit then about to finish first level the sound glichis and pure blue screen
    pops up no errors no nothing just a blue screen cant alt tub it nor control+al+del
    have to turn of power on my computer.

    Same with Call of duty 4 playing all well just about to finish first level same thing happens
    and i have to turn of power on my pc.

    I am running Windows XP, 145 GB free space, 2 g ram, company Dell.

    If you guys can help really really help would be appreciated
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    How much memory? Is the memory matched for size and type.
    Onboard video graphics, or good video graphics card?
    Have the heat sink clamps broken off the CPU cooler?
    Are the heat sink fans and vanes full of dust or fiber?
    Is the CMOS battery good?
    Is the CPU fan spinning without wobbling to one site or changing pitch?
    What model of Dell? What is the output, in watts and amps, of the power supply?
    Have you matched the power supply with a power calculator See <
    Do you have adequate cooling for the CPU?
    Blue screens are usually caused by memory first, then drivers second. Are you comfortable with what you have installed?
  3. chrisaviator

    chrisaviator TS Rookie

    Yes. That was exactly what I thought. Even though you have 2 GB of RAM you the game might - for some or an other reason - not use the required memory, and probably therefore it crashed.
    You describe that you got a blue screen huh? What does it say? It would be much more easier if you could send in the error message...
    Also, send in more facts and specifications about your PC (like graphics card etc)

    Try to check your hardware acceleration as well, maybe it's set too low...
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