Blue Screen & Dumping Message!

By catlynn
Oct 3, 2006
  1. Hey, Hey!

    My name is Diana Lynn, and I could really use some help! Have gotten a blue screen that says that my computer is beginning dump of physical memory. It sounds as if the fan is going. I've shut it down, but left if plugged in. And I know someone that can probably pull what is on it.

    I've seen this question posted here, so have joined today. My computer is 8 years old ... do I have a chance to pull off everything that was there? Can someone guide me? It is critical I save everything I can. It had been "resting" at my brother's the past two years, and I JUST got it back ... really need the items that are on it!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Will be back as soon as I've time ... and I know I haven't really introduced myself; but would sure appreciate all the help anyone can offer!

    The Pixie from
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
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