Blue Screen of Death

By momslooney
Oct 24, 2009
  1. I turned on my computer this morning and started having problems. First I got BSoD with error message Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_or_Equal 0x000000D1 and it rebooted. A checkdsk came up so I figured OK no problem. Then it restarts and I get BSoD again with error code 0x0000008E and another restart error 0x0000007F. I've tried getting into safe mode all it does is reboot asking which mood I want to boot in. I've tried doing a repair and the Blue screen just come up in the middle of windows checking the system. I'm using windows xp. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    OK I got it running. my video card was lose and after titening it down everything is working again.
  2. heavensdrumming

    heavensdrumming TS Rookie

    Hi, I have a toshiba satellite L350d, it use to have a 2gb memory 2x1GB (PC2 5300s)
    Now I bought 2x2GB (PC2 5300s) to get a 4GB and installed both but when I switch on my laptop I get the BSoD with Driver_IRQL_Not_LEss_OR_EQUAL error with ataport.sys

    Address 814A2AE1
    base at 81499000
    Datestamp 49ee8a3a

    Currently running Windows 7

    Any help would be most welcome. thank YoU
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