boot problems...i need some advice please

By BrianWood80
Sep 13, 2007
  1. i just replaced a power adapter on my hp notebook.After I put everything back together, i turned the computer on and it comes up with a screen that says HP at the bottom of the screen. It gives me boot options, <esc> to change boot order, <f10> to enter setup, <f12> to boot from lan. The computer is stuck on this screen and nothing seems to work. Can somebody help me out with this?
  2. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

    can u enter bios at all?
  3. BrianWood80

    BrianWood80 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No........I think it's a problem w/ the giong to take out the ram and try to boot..and then troubleshoot all the other getting an error code when i power up the notebook... it's just one short beep...

    the fan beside the heatsink is shot....would that cause a problem?
  4. Jase123

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    well one short beep means everythin is ok .. Try booting with one stick of ram in... if that doesnt work then take out both the ram and see if you get any beeps if you do good............ Your best taking out all daughter boards like (graphics card) and everythin else except cpu and hdd then boot if it works good... then keep adding parts until you get to the problem.
  5. Rik

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    And do something about replacing that fan or you will end up with a fryup.
  6. BrianWood80

    BrianWood80 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the help........i'll try what you said

    no luck. when i took the RAM out and hit power, the monitor never came on. so i put the RAM back in and took out the hard drive and i got the same screen it's been stuck on and no beep this time. then i tried the videocard out - no monitor, then both RAMs - no monitor.........
  7. Jase123

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    try booting in to Safe Mode using the F8 key right before the splash screen appears during your boot.. If you get your machine to start this way, run Scandisk, and other diagnostic utilities on your hard disk to rule out bad hard disk. Also if you have any Anti-Virus Software make sure you run this (and that its up to date) to make sure you don't have a virus corrupting any of your system files. Once you've done this try booting your system normally if it comes up great ... Also If you get into Windows in safe mode go to start/run and type in "sfc scannow" this will scan all your protected system files and repair any if they have a problem.
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