Booting using wim file

By Vandana
Oct 15, 2007
  1. Hi All,
    I have a query, i have a wim file, can anyone tell me how should i proceed to boot a system using that wim file?
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  3. Vandana

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    No this is not more useful for me, actually i am transferring wim file to the test machine thorugh network on the machine which doesnt have any media like hard disk or CD ROM; i have to boot this file on that client machine, as we know wim file is not bootable file we need to make it bootable so can you suggest me what should i need to do to make it bootable; it doesnt matter if you know any program through which we can make it bootable file.
  4. Vandana

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    I describe you my problem in details:

    what exactly i have to do:
    1) I have a dummy monitor that means no hard disk,no CD ROM is there, this machine is treated as a client machine connected to another machine, thorugh which i have to boot this client machine.
    2) I am able to transfer a wim file from server machine to client machine, there is no problem to do this.
    3)But imtermediate wim file which is generated while creating ISO file of WINPE, is not bootable file.

    I have a thrid party tool, through which i can transfer and boot client machine through server machine using doc image of floppy.

    I am not getting where am i wrong doing, please suggest me.
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