Booting XP from USB HDD via a partition on same HDD, partial success

By M0B1l3
Jul 10, 2009
  1. Hello All,
    This is abit long but bear with me..

    my notebook completely hosed on me and wouldnot boot so I decided to reformat as I had all my work on a separate partition, and being an OEM install DVD there are no tools to I reformatted to my horror the installer has merged both the OS partiton and my data partition all into one (used the option install to first partition).. and do not have a pc with a sata connection or the funds to purchase a sata enclosure.

    so i thought maybe if installed xp to usb; I know this is probably pretty old, I have scoured the net for the past month soo im pretty tierd of this.

    I am trying to install XP onto a usb 2.5 hdd via another partition on the same hdd. I have managed to get setup to load without any errors. using another guide found on here /
    and here: -

    and usb multiboot. However when it comes to the partition screen I cannot create another partition or delete.

    There are 3 Partitions (all primary in total) the other 2 are shown as un-partioned space which cannot be deleted or formatted using setup However when I run diskpart via recovery console the partitions can be seen and accessed. In addition to this I cannot access winnt.exe via cmd (recovery console)

    any help would be much appreciated.

    1) my notebook is an asus x56vr, 4gb ram, intel p8400 2.26 ghz, bios supports usb boot
    2) internal drive is sata (not connected at present)
    3)usb hdd is a 2.5 20 gb ide split into 3 partitions, 1 gb for xp files, 9 gb for copying recovered data from sata hdd, 8 gb for xp install.
    4) I have no additional cd-rw to burn modded iso or funds to purchase one T_T

    Kind Regards

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