Both partitions freeze on login

  1. I was playing a game and talking to my buddy on Skype when everything locked up. I restarted my Comp and chose my Windows 7 partition (the one I was just using) and it gave me the Start up scan or start windows normally. I chose Start up Scan and all it did was go back to the partition select menu... weird... So I picked it again and said Start normally. It freezes on the Starting Windows Screen.

    So I decided to try my Vista Partition, first time it booted up fine but I opened firefox to google what was up with the other partition, and Bam, it froze too. It now does the same as the 7 partition.

    Worked fine over the last while, I just bought the damn thing about a month or so ago. Any Ideas?

    Update: I put the install disc for 7 in the drive and booted from the drive, when i select either Repair or Install Windows, it goes to the setup is starting screen and does nothing.

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