Brand New and runnin' slow plz Help

By XxLairdxX
Aug 19, 2006
  1. Heloo everybody. I recently built my own computer. Everything went smoothly except for one PSU problem which i have now fixed. I have everything loaded up on it and there are little or no viruses yet. I have a dual core AMD and a good radeon graphics card that could run even oblivion well on my old PC. Now with this PC things are going kinda slow and battlefield took forever to load. In the game even on low settings it was laggy and i wasnt even playing online. What could the problem be? The only things i'm not sure about are the memory moduls and the mobo but i'm preety sure the mobo wouldn't slow it down. What do you guys suggest.
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    Did yuo install the motherboard drivers after installing windows? and what are the specs of your system?
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    ensure your BIOS is up to date. Many motherboards require BIOS updates for duel core processors.

    Ensure your hard disk is optimized.
    Esnure your file table is not corrupt. Use Norton systemworks for automatic file correction.
    Ensure your page file is set to automatic and prefably on a second hard drive or partition.
    use mike lin's startup editor to stop/start programs from autoloading - this eats resources.
    Contrary to the last post - the latest video driver is not necessarily the best. The last stable NVIDIA drive is 81.98 anything after that is not stable. Use what works well.
    Ensure your windows is patched and updated.
    Ensure you have plenty of memory for games. 1gb is sufficient.
    If you're not using an anti-virus, get one. If not using a router, ensure you have a firewall.
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