Broken headphone jack on Sony Laptop

By gmq
Aug 25, 2005
  1. I use headphones for medical transcription. Today, they fell off the table after I took them off, and pulled at the headphone jack. Now, I can only hear sound from the headphones, but not from the laptop speakers. Is there a way to take apart the laptop in order to see if the headphone jack is cracked, or if it moved? If I plug in the headphone jack and jiggle it I can get sound from my laptop speakers, but once I take the headphone connector out of the jack, all sound is gone again from the laptop speakers. My laptop is still under warranty, but we don't want to send it out for repair unless it is absolutely necessary. Please help us -we would like to be able to fix this problem ourselves as money is short, and I need the laptop to be here so I can do my medical transcription. Thanks!
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