BSOD 0xC2 0x43 bad_pool_caller

By tato
Oct 18, 2006
  1. Hello!
    This is my first appearance here and my first outside help request for this BSOD thats keeping me from my beloved box. I really dont love so much, just need it BADLY!
    asus P4S800X-D
    PIV 3.0 HT
    2GB ram
    1 IDE 40GB
    2 SATA 80GB raid0

    After a long period without incidents and no new hardware nor soft installations, only xp hotfixes, I got some errors that looked like HD problems and the complaining softs were INCD (nero) and XPLAY as I can remenber.

    Two days after that it stoped booting with BSOD 0xC2 (0x43,...,...,...). I searched the error and was pointed to minidump analisys which is beyond my skills and I could not trace the faulty driver thats triggering the bad_pool_caller error. It can not boot since than.

    I tried, with not lucky so far, safe mode, repair install, recovery console (to disable some services/drivers). Then I did a pararell instalation to keep workin while trying to recover my system since it has a LOT of customization I am willing not to loose. I suspected the sata/raid and unmounted it, the sata drivers are working well under the parallel OS with and without raid set.

    So, I'd like to post some minidumps here to see I if can get any help from you.

    PS I have created some logs with kd that I can post too
  2. tato

    tato TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nobody yet?!

    como'n guys I am clueless now
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