BSOD after Norton Internet Security software update

By able6actual
Dec 1, 2012
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  1. Not sure if its the culprit or not but during a live update I was told of a newer version of the NIS software I was using. I did and it upgraded the software from the 2012 version I was using to the newest version.
    Sortly after I noticed that my internet seemed to be slower and when I did a speed check I found the d/l speed of my system was a lot less when I had NIS Smart firewall running. The next day when NIS did its daily live update it found a software patch for the NIS version I had just installed and it upgraded itself. Didn't see any real improvment in internet speed. I went out for the day and shut my system down and when I returned to use it I powered it up and recieved three (yes 3) BSOD back to back and a minidump was created each time. Each time the system reboot itself and after the third one it boot normally. The BSOD only showed for a split second and all I could gather from the three screens was something about IRQ.
    I compressed all three mini dumps into 1 file
    System : Digital Storm Sniper series
    intel i7 cpu overclocking removed 960 @ 320Ghz
    16gb ram
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

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