BSOD after removing System Check malware

By kbro12
Jan 19, 2012
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  1. Hi
    This morning my computer was infected with the System Check Malware. I removed it using TDSS Killer, Malbytes Anti-Malware,and etc. After doing that I continued to get a BSOD after every reboot. It would go into a continuous loop of reaching the desktop and then crashing. I cannot run chkdsk r or f, and every time I do I get the message that it cannot look this drive and will run chkdsk on next reboot, but it never does. I also noticed that none of the changes i make in properties is saving. Also when I start in Safe-Mode for some reason System Properties pops up. The Blue Screen on displays for a second and then the loop starts, leaving me no time to read the errors. Also there are no .dmp files in the folder that they should be found in. Help Please.

    Compaq Pesario
    Windows Vista SP2
    160GB HD

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    Did not work


    I attempted to use combofix however, it never ran through the scan. It stated that it did not have administrator privileges or something to that tune. It did a few things, and then stated that rootkit.zeroaccess was running on my computer and that it needed to reboot. Once it rebooted it went through the same string of booting and BSOSD. I noticed that while in safe mode the process crss.exe was running also.

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