BSOD can't get past "Windows is starting" window when installing OS

By Nutek69
Aug 23, 2013
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  1. How come none of the replies on these forums ever cover "not being able to get past the bsod"? Every one of the forums give a rundown on how to get rid of bsod but all use the methods that require you to get into windows first. Someone please cover this for those of us who can't get past the bsod. If I could get into windows, I could make all the necessary changes without using a forum. Been trying to get into a Gateway desktop for 3 1/2 months. Tried everything on these forums but can't get past the "Windows is Starting" screen. Once again, here is my problem: Gateway GM5088 with a new MOBO and HDD, I have formatted the HDD so it shows up on another computer when plugged in externally. The HDD is acknowledged when installed in the desktop.
    I place the OEM recovery disc or a Windows recovery disc in the CD/DVD drive and it starts to load the the necessary files and drivers. It then goes to the "Windows is now starting" screen. The Windows flag screen comes up and then automatically goes back into BSOD. Any takers? Please help, I'm tearing my hair out.
  2. jobeard

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    Attempt to boot into SAFE MODE (F8) which will avoid ~90% of the system services.

    If successful, login as admin.

    First action is to get into CP->Admin Tools-> Computer Mgmt -> Device Manager

    now look for yellow flags and be sure you have ALL drivers loaded.

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