BSOD on attempted XP Pro reinstall

By Photo601
Jan 1, 2011
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  1. Greetings and happy new year.

    I am (was) running XP Pro on a Evga 680i SLI system, 2GB memory, EVGA 8800 Sli setup.

    I had been having sporadic boot issues. If I cold booted the system, it would normally boot with no problems. If I rebooted I would get the Windows splash screen dimmed. Sometimes it will brighten and boot normally.Lately, it has taken several attempts to get past the splash screen. As I have time today, I decided to reinstall Windows. the install gets past the "Windows is inspecting your hardware". As it gets to the part where it would show the partitions etc, I get Blue Screen/crash. I have used two different installation CD's, and I am currently 50+% complete on MEMTEST.


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    After continuing to troubleshoot, I determined a partition on one of my HDD's was bad/corrupted. I had been having issues booting AND shuting down. It was a crap shoot if the machine would do either correctly. On top of it all, after reformatting the partition from Linux to windows, I was greeted with a GRUB error. I disconnected the hard drive with the bad partition and was able to reformat and reinstall windows. Once that was complete, I reconnected the problem drive, and was greeted with the windows self diagnotics on that partition. I trasnferred the data to a different partition and reformatted it. No problems since. What I do'nt know is why it happened to begin with. (I understand the concept of drives getting corrupted for whatever reason. What I don't uderstand is why it caused the boot problems on a non boot drive/partition.)

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