By Wesablo
Jan 29, 2008
  1. I got an error recently: "Stop 0x000000ED Unmountable_Boot_Volume"

    I figured out that my PSU was dying out and was on it's last legs, it would randomly/frequently crash, and I would get these blue screens more often and more often. Finally the PSU conked out and I got a new one and it worked, but upon installation and boot up I get this BSoD everytime, ("Stop 0x000000ED Unmountable_Boot_Volume") and it wont let me get into windows - only bios and recovery console and things like that. I went to the Microsoft website, and noticed a few possible fixes and troubleshooted them to no avail. (tweaked the HD cords, chkdsk /r, fixboot)

    My question is - what is the extent of this impassable problem (how damaged is my HD?), how can I figure out which drive is causing the problem (i have about 3 HDs), and can it all be solved with a reformat?

    I hope so, but any info would be appreciated
  2. Crosscourt

    Crosscourt TS Rookie Posts: 72

    Its very possible you may have to reformat but look at this first and see if it helps,be sure to read the bottom of the page in particular....
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