By princemac
Jul 19, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, i've been having some problems with my computer, sometimes when im on it either opening a folder or browsing the net, it automatically reboots, and then when rebooting it goes up to the part where the windows logo is seen and then the blue screen blinks really fast and reboots again, it does so repeatably. What i usually do is plug it out then wait about 30 mins and try to start it up again, sometimes it starts up and works good again but sometimes it doesn't and i wait longer and eventually it might come back on.

    I've attached some minidumps of the crashes, it has the lastest crash dump that happened today and some from last month, (same problem), i don't use this computer much but i would like to fix this problem, Im not good at analysing the dumps so any help form anyone would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance. If you need any more info from me just post any i'll reply.
  2. Route44

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    First minidump points to atapi.sys which is a Windows driver for optical drives or controller for hardisks. Possibly the application is corrupt? Did you install anything on this unit or did you change the OS?

    Second points to NAVAP.sys which is a device driver for Symantec Antiviral software. It seems many people over the years have issues with this driver.

    The third points to kmixer,sys which is a Windows kernel for audio.

    The fourth says hardware but nothing specific that I can read though someone more knowledgeable than I could probably interpret more accurately.

    * I suggest doing a Memtest on your RAM first and see if there are any errors.

    * Second I would see if disabling Symantec clears up any issues.
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