BugCheckCode 0000009c (random reboots)

By bobbybrasko
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Hi,

    When I start my Windows XP machine, I get to the windows login screen. Then I click one of the users, the monitor changes to show the users desktop. About 5-10 seconds later, the computer will reboot. This used to only happen once and a while, but now it happens all the time.

    I have 51 memory dump files. All of them have the BugCheckCode set to 0000009c except for one, which is set to 000000ea. I'm hoping someone can tell me what is wrong with my computer! I've run MemCheck for about 8 hours, and it didn't come up with a single error, so I don't think it's RAM.

    How can I tell if my
    cpu - amd64 2800,
    motherboard - onboard video and nic, but I have a pci firewire card in
    hard drive - I have 2 ide drives in
    power supply - antec smart power 400 watts
    is bad?

    I've attached the output of dumpchk.exe for all the memory dumps I got today.

    Any other ideas? Please help!

    Bob Rossi
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