Build your own Arduino projects with this complete starter kit & course bundle

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    Arduino is the ultimate DIY electronics platform and can be tons of fun for the aspiring engineer. If you want to learn the ins-and-outs of Arduino programming, check out this complete starter kit that incudes all the hardware you need plus over 25 hours of instruction to get you started. It's available for 85% off at the TechSpot store.

    The ARDX Arduino Starter Kit (a $69.90 value) contains diagrams, tips and a whole mess of sensors, resistors, LEDs and other equipment get you started on 13 small engineering projects. You'll also get over 25 hours of in-depth video training, including the following courses:

    • Arduino Step-by-Step "Your Guide to the Internet of Things" Course ($200): Explore, program and further develop your skills in “the world’s friendliest electronic prototyping platform.”
    • Arduino "Make a Remote-Controlled Car" Course ($150): Put your new-found talents to the test, tricking out a standard RC car into a fully-customized cruiser.
    • Beginning Arduino "Make Your Own Environment Monitor System" Course ($100): Become your own weatherman, crafting temperature, humidity and barometric sensors into your own Internet-connected environment-monitoring gadget.

    For $75.99, you'll get lifetime access to all courses plus the ARDX starter kit - a combined value of $520.

    Bonus: Get even more training with the Arduino Beginner Course, 17 hours of instruction creating even more projects with the Arduino microcontrollers - now $19.

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  2. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,153   +1,424

    Funny the way it was phrased, because learning ins and outs for such product literally means figuring out its pin configuration, which isn't much fun, really :)
  3. Arduino recycling old computer parts.


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