Building a cheap PC for my father

By ¼ of a hotdog
Jun 25, 2010
  1. My father wants me to build him a PC, he will mostly use it for browsing the internet but wants to play some games. I want to shoot for under 500 but I think anything under 700 would still be fine with him. It needs to include a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I think he would be perfectly content with playing older games so it does not need a nice video card or CPU.

    Proposed system:

    Video card:
    PSU: (Will this suffice?)
    Optical drive:
    Monitor: (I think he would be fine with this but I will run it by him if you approve of it)

    Total is around $635 I would think that he would find that reasonable but how much lower could I get?
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    Regrettably, I absolutely do NOT recommend any Wide screen monitor below 22 inches.

    I've had two 19 inchers, I sold one, returned the other. The vertical height is (IMO) insufficient.

    Again IMO, it's well worth the extra 40 bucks for a 22" screen, and you'll be happier with it for a lot longer.

    The vertical height issue is also being exacerbated buy the current crop of 16:9 "full hi-def" panels, They are also much more "vertically challenged" than a panel of the older 16:10 computer standard. 16:10 panels carry 1680 X 1050 resolution, not the 1920 X 1080 Hi-def standard.

    In other words, the 16:9 screens are a true hi-def 1980 X 1080, but you need to buy at least a 23" panel to have the height equal to a 22" 16:10

    I would go for this if you want to stay with Asus.... I just checked and HDCP is supported with this unit
  3. Route44

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  4. ¼ of a hotdog

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  5. Ritwik7

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    Get yourself the Radeon HD 4670 GPU. Some of them are listed for a price similar to the 4650 with a rebate.
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