building a pc (14 yrs old)

By tedrjr03
Oct 16, 2005
  1. i was wondering if u think a 14 yr old could build a new pc
  2. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    he could, i know a guy who just turned 15 yesterday, he knows more than I do about computers and I can build a computer. (i am 18)

    If they are a computer boff and enjoy messing around with computers and stuff then yes but I wouldn't advise it...I would say no.. thats my opinion
  3. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    yes. Although I was cutting grass, shoveling shoveling snow, and spending all my quarters in the arcade at that age!
  4. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Yes, sure you can build a system at 14.

    It isn`t that hard really.

    Just take your time, and I`m sure it`ll be just fine. Maybe get someone who`s already built a few systems to give you a hand.

    Take a look at How to build a pc.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  5. mfquarles

    mfquarles TS Rookie

    Perhaps you would like to try "Building a PC for Beginners". It's a book I wrote. Also I have a
    that has free info from the book. Wish you the best.
  6. Comrade.Fish

    Comrade.Fish TS Rookie

    Yes, it is definitely possible to build a PC at 14
    This must be true as i have done it and the PC works (did i mention that my arm was in a sling at the time)...... This was about a month or 2 ago and i'm 14 at the moment.
    Just dont go out and buy any old compatible components, spend a LOT of time doing research...boring i know, but i did it.
    The hardest thing about doing it at our age is budget (i'm not as rich as i'd like to be.... but then again, who is?), you can get a decent(ish) PC for about £350, if (you overclock it a lot...) you don't need to run Doom3 at full reseloution and so on, but it would be running linux... (if you need windows get win98SE cheap)

    Anyway - Good luck
  7. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    this thread is old!
  8. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    umm, this thread is like 2 months old (almost)
  9. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    well, dont i feel like an *****?
  10. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

    man this is so confusing. with all those ages 'n stuff...

    at first i thought '14' was referring to the computer itself.

    a mate of mine started messing with computers at the age of 8. o.X

    he is 27 yrs old now...
  11. acexzy

    acexzy TS Rookie

    heck yes a 14 year old can build one on the count of i am 14 now and built the computer i am posting this on at the age of 13 =) i had miminal help from an uncle of mine and i did the rest. newegg was a large part of it. and google for the info searches.
  12. Sickem

    Sickem TS Rookie Posts: 25


    yeah you could im only 15 ive built 3 and repaired too many to count
    heres a hint resources help thats why its good to have friends and the tech spot forums
  13. futaris

    futaris TS Rookie

    Yep. Build a PC. I did it when I was around that age, with a 386DX40. As long as you take anti-static precautions, there's little that will go wrong, and manuals and the internet will make it EASY as nowadays.
  14. AKirru

    AKirru TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Dude trust me you can !! .. I built my first PC at like 12 (19 now) and I had no help from anyone. Just keep the manuals close by and you'll be fine and gl
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