Building New Rig - quick hard drive question

By N8T1308
Jan 10, 2009
  1. I have a 320Gb Western digital hard drive with my old files and things on it including my old OS Windows XP SP3...If i buy a new hard drive (Seagate 1.5TB) and install Windows Vista SP1 64-bit, will putting my old 320Gb hard drive on the motherboard cause compatibility issues? Both would be attached to the motherboard by a SATA connection.
  2. stevenhomz

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    It wont be a problem if you stripe

    If you add your old hard drive with XP on it in a RAID/0 (stripe) configuration. Which you will have to because the drives are different sizes. You can then buy a Vista upgrade for your XP o/s. You will have to check your motherboard to ensure it supports Raid/0 and most reasonably up to date boards do.
  3. =XHumed=

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    I'm guessing the OP doesn't want to lose the files on the 320Gb hard drive... install vista with just the new drive connected, then connect the old drive as well, but make sure the new drive has boot priority in the BIOS and you should be fine.

    if you want to be certain, delete the boot.ini from the root of the xp install partition on the old drive and it won't be able to even try and boot from it.
  4. N8T1308

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    sounds good thanks for the help:)

    Wait one more quick question guys! What is the fastest hard drive with over 500gb? im talking HDD's not SDD's...
  5. adweston

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    No, it won't. Just connect them, making your primary boot drive in the BIOS the new Seagate. The other one will just be a secondary drive that you can access from Windows.
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