business forms creation or copying a HD

By puffaSmoke
Sep 15, 2006
  1. maybe the wrong forum. let me know

    I am seeking help in one of two ways:

    1. tips on how to open .pub documents (created on my old computer using MS Publisher) on my new computer which has MS Office (without Publisher)
    I do not have the install disk for Publisher and the HD that it's on is way too small to swap in to replace either of the new comps HDs. Is there a way I can transfer the entire contents of the old HD onto one of the new ones and have Publisher work? Is there another program that can open .pub documents that is inexpensive? Can I buy a used copy of Publisher somewhere?
    If any of this legally questionable??

    2. recommendation on a cheap (or free) and SIMPLE forms creator. All I need to be able to do are invoices, expense reports, and proposals. The only 'whistle and bell' features I seek are automatic date insertion and serial numbering each time the template is opened and to be able to put my company name on the stuff.

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