Buying a top gaming laptop

By alisbin
Sep 1, 2008
  1. hey all,
    i'm getting ready to buy a gaming laptop. (reason has to do with travel and work, don't wanna get into it)
    now by gaming laptop, i mean i want to get the absolute ultimate, if i'm on the road (in a bus, on a plane etc) for 4-6 hours i'd really like to devote at least a couple of those hours to playing The Witcher, or Crysis, or whatever. plus, i'd like something that will still be gameable in a few years so i'd rather not skimp. if i end up doing this, $2-3k will be my appx max budget and it will completely replace my desktop (if i go this route i'm actually gonna sell my desktop).
    so, first of all, if you've got a really good mobile system, lemme know what it is (IE who made it) and what kind of frame rates you get in crysis or at least some benchmark results of some sort.
    secondly, i'm kinda leaning towards a sager NP9262 with an nvidia 9800m gt and i'm wondering if anyone has a laptop with that card and give me some feedback on its quality.

    if you've got something to add please do, obviously i'm prepping to spend quite a bit of money and i'd like to get as much informed input as possible, thanks in advance.
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  3. alisbin

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    is it worth spending the extra $$$ on the SLI 9800m gt? or should the 1 be enough
  4. alisbin

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    ok, deffinately decided on the sager, however i'm thinking about the resolution, my intended setup has 1920 x 1200 res. now clearly i won't be able to run crysis at very high on that at its native, but i was thinking, am i shooting myself in the foot by only getting the 1 9800m gt (the one with 512)? and if so, should i be getting the 1 gig version of the card or 2 of the 512.
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