Buzzing sound - Headphones/Microphone

By Vincentor
Dec 8, 2005
  1. Hey!

    I just bought a pair of new headphones, SteelPad 5H Headset (Not the USB version)

    The audio is perfect, but the problem is i hear this very loud, constant, buzzing sound everytime i turn the microphone on.

    I have no idea what the problem is Cant really explain it.

    (For thoose who know what Ventrilo is..)
    I went into Setup in Ventrilo, and used the Monitor function. When i keep the microphone volume on "Low" (Its got a controller on the cord to controll the audio) i get a constant buzz of 30-50 units. When i keep it at "High" i get a constant buzz of 250-270 units.

    It's unbearable :/ I was hoping to throw my old table microphone away when i bought this headset, but its unusable :/

    There arent any drivers with theese headphones, so it must be something else.
    I didnt get this buzz with my last headphone/microphone.

    Does anybody might know what the problem is?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wats the Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) on you soundcard, because, perhaps the headphones are picking up some noise due to thier fairly high SNR (of 110dB).
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