Can I run Skyrim on max settings and have a decent FPS (30-60)?

By ComputerGod91
Oct 20, 2011
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  1. Never was very good at figuring this stuff out so I figured I just ask. With my PC how well will I be able to run Skyrim?

    My specs:
    Windows 7 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0Ghz
    4Gb RAM
    Radeon HD 5770 1Gb memory
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    I know my CPU might be lacking, but I don't know how big a deal it'll be.
  2. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    I am not sure if on max. What is playable FPS to you? 30 and above?

    Maybe overclock that GPU by a bit and the CPU should be capable of going a bit more, up to about 3.6 GHz.
  3. ComputerGod91

    ComputerGod91 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    Yes, playable FPS is 30 or above. Also I don't exactly know how to overclock my GPU. Would overclocking be wise? If I wouldn't be able to get max settings, what about higher than normal settings?

    Ah, I don't know. Maybe I'll just have to wait and tweak the settings once the game is out.
  4. aspleme

    aspleme TS Enthusiast Posts: 56

    Overclocking may not be wise. Especially if you don't have experience with it, I wouldn't try it right now. It's hard to tell pre-release exactly what the max settings will take, but you should be able to get pretty good looking settings with what you have. Remember, your computer is considerably more powerful than 5 year-old consoles.
  5. ComputerGod91

    ComputerGod91 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    That's what I'm thinking. Only can be better then those graphics. I just wanted some reassurance cause with my luck I'd have to run my settings lower then consoles but PC is a must with all the mods.
  6. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    OCing is always a good way to boost your parts. OC using profiles. There is no need for running 24/7.

    You should be capable of normal settings at least. OCing does show a difference.
  7. aspleme

    aspleme TS Enthusiast Posts: 56

    OCing is not always a good way to boost your parts. Yes, it can improve performance... in some instances... but not all parts are created equal and OCing does create greater stress on your system. (Which is why I never buy Alienware... I'd rather build a computer myself with better parts and leave them at stock than get cheaper parts that have been OCed.)

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