Can this confirm that my CPU is faulty?

By Charlenator
Mar 22, 2016
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  1. Motherboard: MSI H77MA-G43 1155 socket.
    Alternative motherboard: ASUS H61M-K 155 socket
    CPU: intel core i3 3220 3.3ghz dual core.
    PSU: Intex AC 230v
    Alternative PSU: older. 400 watt. ~220v - 240v.
    GPU: Nvidia geforce gt240 ddr3.
    RAM: Apacer 4gb UNB PC3- 10600 CL9 (not sure what specs to give)

    A week ago I made a wall mount for my pc. In the weeks leading up to the mount going up my components were just scattered across a table (everything plugged in and working, just not mounted on anything).

    When I tried to switch the pc on after mounting it, it started power cycling without booting or displaying anything on the screen. I unplugged each component one by one to determine what was wrong. I also tried another PSU. Eventually only the ram was plugged in (by this time I had the screen connected to the on-board vga port). It still did the same. Without RAM or the CPU, but a cpu fan, It does not power cycle. It also does not beep for a ram error without a cpu though.

    Before I realized it does not cycle without a cpu, I got a new cheaper MB online, an ASUS H61M-K. With the CPU in this MB it does not power cycle, but I still don't get any output to my screen via either the graphics card or onboard vga port. My gaming keyboard also does not light up.
    can I assume the cpu is broken and buy a new one?
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus TS Evangelist Posts: 1,665   +312

    Sounds like a great project. Sorry stuff is not.

    Check PINS under strong light. If PINS, google in YouTube for fix. If not....

    Go back to simple. Mainboard, CPU, 1 stick of ram, either PSU, keyboard & mouse - can you POST? Change ram slot, try again. Change ram,try again, etc. Like Edison, try all basic combinations and keep notes. I hope by 'power cycle' you mean the same thing as 'auto-restart' (I 'cycle power' with a switch).

    We are hoping to find some basic combination which POSTs - if it doesn't I would think it is the CPU. Check PINS under strong light. If PINS, google in YouTube for fix.

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