Can workgroups join domains? How can I do this?

By resu
Dec 7, 2010
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  1. just a quick question for those of you that live for networks!

    at work we run SBS2008 and every computer connected to that is through a domain. A few of our employees are wanting to bring in laptops from home to take work away with them over the christmas period (why anyone would want to work over a holiday is beyond me!).

    anyways is there a way for them to connect through a workgroup to our works domain?

    i'm asking because they're running a slection of laptops with OS' ranging from vista home to 7 ultimate.
    i'll ask for the workgroup solution as its the most annoying due to ultimate editions being able to join domains

    thanks for your help

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,348   +622

    the short answer is no, this doesn't work.

    You may be a member of a WORKGROUP (like at home)


    at work you can JOIN a domain (which will disconnect the workgroup)

    but you can not have BOTH at the same time
  3. resu

    resu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 172

    ah, thats what i thought ... hmm
    back to the drawing board i guess

    thansk for the reply

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