Cannot connect to Internet after Formatting WIN98SE

By Harry_Beast
Oct 17, 2006
  1. I have a PentiumIII 667 using WIN98se.I am running 2 computers thru a router with a Motorola Cable Modem.
    After formatting,I can't get on the internet.All I get is the MSN connection wizard !!!---which is only good for dial up.
    I have talked to my cable provider and they say there is no problem on there end---obviously!!!--since I'm using the other computer to search for help.
    I have tried hooking straight into modem-still no success.
    However--When I re-installed WIN98-and they asked me to register--I did so--and It replied that I was now registered.
    Same thing with the router company!!
    Would that not suggest that I was on the internet in the registration mode???#$!!!???
    Am I just being blocked by some internal (Infernal!)software?
  2. tomrca

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  3. Harry_Beast

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    Just tried that--the MSN Internet setup popped up!!!
  4. Harry_Beast

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    The problem has been solved!!!
    I went thru the setup process even tho it was for dial-up.The very last page gave the option of connecting thru a LAN.That got me connected!
    Thanx for responding !!
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