Cannot connect to the Internet using USB Wireless adapter

By novice
Dec 4, 2005
  1. Hi

    I have a Netgear 108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL router (DG834GT) which is directly connected to my 1st desktop. Just bought another PC and trying to connect using the Netgear WG111T Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter. Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP2. The 2nd PC can detect the wireless network, plus a few others from neighbouring houses. However, cannot seem to connect to my home network at all. Security options have been disabled as I firstly just want to get it working. Incidentally, I can connect to one of my neighbours access points but notwithstanding, cannot bring up any web pages.

    Please advise!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. heiny087

    heiny087 TS Rookie


    I have exactly the same problem with my wireless adapter. I have surfed around on the net looking for answers and solutions, but none appear to work. I fear it may be a problem with the WG111T device itself. What other options are there?
    any advice welcome
  3. Iain

    Iain TS Rookie

    I also have the same problem

    i purchased a wg111t wireless USB adapter and it installed fine with no problems,
    I also found my network and the connection was strong to it, but when I attempted to access the internet it said i was offline. Im not sure how to connect to the internet could you help plz?

    Thanks in advance
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