Cannot edit MP3 infos in iTunes after installing Windows 7

By rolanddes
Sep 20, 2010
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  1. Hello everyone. I recently installed Windows 7 on my Samsung Laptop. After acquiring windows updates, i installed iTunes. When i added all my mp3's to iTunes library i realized that i am not able to edit infos of them. I guess i did not check an option that said roughly "let the changes that i make in iTunes effect the files on my hdd" while installation of iTunes. I do not know the problem is this option or something about Windows 7. But i want to know how can i change this option or bypass this problem? (i took ovnership of the external harddrive that contains my mp3's but that did not help either)
  2. tjohnusa

    tjohnusa TS Rookie

    I have itunes 9 in my laptop and when opening advanced option it shows an edit function but is not highlighted. I have no idea what you haveto do to allow this feature....anyone? Just another reason I dislike propietary software. I would think you can get mp3 editing software at a place like cnet to do this externally....I have done this but not with itunes files.
  3. rolanddes

    rolanddes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I guess you should get ownership for those files.

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