Cannot perform any administrative functions in Vista

By pyromaster114
May 28, 2008
  1. Okay, so everyone knows that windows vista is annoying and when ever you say, try to change the settings for the network connections, or anything else really.

    However, this computer is acting rather strange... When I log in as a regular user, (non admin...) and try to perform one of these tasks, it pops up with a window to select an admin user account to authorize the change.
    "Type a password for an administrative account and click continue" or what ever.
    However, there is no text box to type the password in, nor is there a way to select an administrative user account... (It would appear as though the list is blank...)

    I have determined that apparently, it has defaulted to auto-denying the user permission to elevate to administrator. How do I change that in Windows Vista Home Premium?
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  3. pyromaster114

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    Well, the problem becomes that I cannot elevate anything from the start...
    I can't run anything as administrator at all.
    It's impossible for me to elevate myself at all for anything if logged in as a standard user.

    I noticed something upon creating another administrator account (regular user as administrator in user permissions setting...)
    I can elevate things if logged in under an admin account name, however if I'm in a standard account I cannot elevate myself.
    Normally it allows me to choose an account and supply a password to elevate myself if i'm in a standard user account, however, I can't do that.

    Could the parental controls on the system have something to do with it? I don't know if there are any on there (It's my little brother's computer...).

    But is there a setting that says a standard user can't enter a password to run something as administrator?
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