Can't access the internet on a computer

By RiCeFroG
Jul 3, 2007
  1. Well, I have Comcast cable internet and I have 2 computers connected to a Linksys router, WRT54G, one my work computer and the one that I need for my job and the other my gaming rig.

    With everything plugged in, router and modem, I can access the internet fine on the work computer, but on the other computer it's very odd. When I try to use Firefox, my homepage doesn't even try to load. It just says "Done" at the bottom left of the page. If I do ipconfig/release and renew I can use Firefox and IE for about 10 seconds, then I have to do it again so I can use it again If I don't, I get that damn "Done" message. However, things like ventrilo work fine even after the browsers don't work. Xfire takes long to start and I can't connect to Steam or play games online.

    This has never happened before, and I have also tried directly connecting my computer to the modem without a router, still no luck. The work computer can get online fine, both directly to the modem and through the router.

    I can also ping websites with my gaming rig, i get a 0% loss and I can even ping IP, but still no internet

    I've called Comcast technical support and their phone technicians really don't tell me anything I know already. All they tell me to do is unplug my modem for 20 seconds and then plug it back in (like I haven't tried this already).

    Please, if anyone can help with this it will be greatly appreciated. If any of you have had a problem where you couldn't play your favorite games for weeks you know how frustrating it can be -.-.

    If anyone needs more information, please ask and I'll provide.
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