Can't boot immediately after fixing autorun issues_KIS 2010

By Debbie23
Mar 27, 2010
  1. Ran the KIS 2010 Vulnerability scan on Toshiba Satellite P-200, Vista Hm Prem SP1. Chose "Fix Problem" on all the "autorun" issues (autorun from hard drives is allowed)etc., EXCEPT autorun CD / DVD.

    Immediately after shutting down the laptop, it will not restart windows. If my CPU crapped out at exactly same time as "fixed" the autorun issues, an amazing coincidence.

    Is it remotely possible disabling the autorun abilities on the laptop is causing the problems?
    If not, is there any utility / reasonably easy way to tell if the CPU is shot? Not a super expert, but usually can at least get into BIOS even if HDD failed & often get err msg if can't recognize or boot HDD.

    Can't boot into Safe / Command mode.

    Can't enter BIOS by any Toshiba recomm method to see if hard drives are recognized.

    Laptop won't boot from orig Toshiba Vista CD

    Only thing that shows on screen is mouse cursor - it moves. Everything else is black.

    I did NOT "fix" the CD / DVD auto run issue.
    A few days before, I fixed all the same issues on Vista x64 desktop - no apparent problems. Course, different OS, MB, Processor, HDDs, etc.

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