Can't delete a virus from my pen drive, even after formating it!

By dancq230582
Jan 4, 2008
  1. I´ve tried to erase a virus from my pendrive with antivirus systems, formating it, formating it from system symbol(DOS) and formating it changing from FAT32 to FAT(the only options I had in the winXP I have), all of this from my computer and from many others, but I can´t erase it!. Supose that I copy some files to my pendrive after ¨successfully delete it¨(according to AVAST)...after that, nothing happens, every thing seems to be OK, but after unplugging the pendrive, and plugging it, THE VIRUS IS THERE!!!.
    Please! could you give some advices...

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!
  2. kimsland

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  3. jobeard

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    If the format really occurs, then nothing survives on the media.

    So how do you determine successful reformat and virus detection/remove
    actually works?
  4. kimsland

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    Because it is blank
    Actually I'm not following you exactly

    I think you are saying how do we know the virus is gone without having any info on its removal or quaratine. I say because everything is gone from the drive.

    Anyway thank-you for your kind words on the Hitman scenario
  5. dancq230582

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    Virus Hard To Delete!!!

    Thank you so much for all your advices!, BUT... even after using HP USB disk storage format tool, the virus named autorun.inf, is still there!!!
  6. poertner_1274

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    Is this some type of U3 drive? I believe those are setup with 2 partitions on them. One has the autorun stuff, and the other has the actual storage.

    Have a look in Disk Management (Right click on My Computer and Choose manage) and see if the USB drive shows up with 2 partitions on it.

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  7. dancq230582

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    Type of pendrive

    The pendrive is a MARKVISION USB 2.0 1GB
  8. kimsland

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    I like poertner_1274 point, make sure to remove all partitions

    Check this by plugging in the drive, going to computer management in control panel, then disk management.
    Then right click on the drive and remove (delete) the pendrive fully

    Also I wonder if this is comming from a protective recycle bin (that should be cleaned out on the main drive recycle bin.
    And/or system restore that can removed (temporarily) in right click My Computer - properties - System Restore
  9. jobeard

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    >recycle bin

    EACH partition has it's own recycle bin within it. If done correctly,
    removing all partitions will also remove all recycle bins.

    Once a new partition is created and formatted, nothing can survive other than
    the volume label where an MBR would be located.
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