Can't delete file, but running as administrator

By Mazrim
Jul 17, 2011
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  1. Ok this is weird: I downloaded a game from Perfect World, and was cleaning up the DL files once the game was installed. Lo and behold, now whenever I try to delete this ONE file folder, I get a msg saying "File access denied" You must get permissions from Maz_Rig2\Maz to delete this file folder". Yet the OS account "Maz_Rig2 does NOT exist!

    When I installed Win7, I only designated one account on the computer system as administrator (Maz), so I have no clue where Win7's getting this garbage. I'm worried that somewhere there's a serious error (even if the error exists between computer and chair if you get my drift), but I can't figure out for the life of me how to get rid of this file folder without formatting my drive again.

    Could someone let me know if I'm just being retarded and not seeing the solution? Or do I have a real issue on my hands?

    **UPDATE**: I went into control panel > User Accounts, and verified that in fact there is only ONe account (Maz), and it is in fact flagged as admin. So I really don't have a clue as to how the hell the Ether Saga file folder is attached to a non-existent administrator.

    **UPDATE#2**: I think I resolved my own issue, sorry for the trouble. It seemed that for some reason a file in that folder was linked to the actual game file in a different location. The solution? I moved all the contents of the folder to desktop, then deleted the contents from there. The file folder that was giving me trouble then disappeared. It still doesn't tell me why that happened in the first place, so if anyone thinks of something, could you please post it in this thread before a moderator closes it, or PM me? Thanks!

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