Can't find a media player to play widescreen on my monitor

By Blekk
Jul 31, 2007
  1. Hi,

    As the title says, I cannot find a media player that will play my DVDs in complete widescreen on my monitor, there is always some letterboxing (space at the top, bottom and sides), on the media players that I have tried (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Nero Showtime).

    My monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster 940BW, it has a 19 inch screen, by the way. I would ideally like it to work on one of the media players that I have, or a freeware one, so that I do not have to spend any more money.

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    Which Wide Screen Was It.....

    The movies are probably being displayed correctly. There are3 different common "aspect ratios" in movies: 4:3 (NTSC standard TV): 1:85 to 1:00 Which is the new camcorder/ high def standard, and 2:35 to 1:00 Which is the old "cinemascope" standard. A 2:35 to 1:00 Movie should give you Bars at the top and bottom, otherwise you'd be cutting off the ends of the picture if you filled the screen vertically. Just because the monitor claims it's "Wide Screen' doesn't mean is the same ratio as the movies you're trying to play. The monitor's "Wide Screen" ratio is usually 16:9 or about 1:77 to 1:00 the only way you could fill the screen with a 2:35 to 1:00 movie would be to use a zoom function. I don't know of a free player with a zoom.
  3. Blekk

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    Ok thanks for the help, why cant there just be a standard for all aspect ratio sizes grr.

    Anyway, I have found a Digital Zoom function on nero showtime, but I bet it will just pixelate the picture, as you said the widescreen for the film can be different to my monitor as I have found, so if I cannot have it exactly filling the screen for all, no worries, that's just life I guess.

    Again, thanks for the help.
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