Can't find "beep" codes

By Klytus
May 7, 2008
  1. I have a Toshiba Tecra S1 that on startu-up does not POST. all it does is beep: two short beeps, one long beep, a pause, then three short beeps. I can't find any guides for Toshiba BIOS beep codes, so any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. CCT

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  3. Ruthe

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    If it's an Insyde - VERY hard to find beep codes! - 2 short, 1 long, 3 short means no video device found.

    Please write back and let CCT and me know if we've helped.

    Courtesy is a virtue. :)
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  4. Klytus

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    I had seen the AWARDS BIOS page, and it wasn't quite what I needed, as I was looking for something more specific. THIS answer, however, was perfect. Considering the symptoms it was exhibiting earlier, it makes perfect sense that the video device is shot. The client is actually happy - this laptop is out of warranty, so rather than us trying to fix it for him, he gets a new one :)

    Thanks to you both for your help.
  5. kimsland

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    By the way does external monitor work?
  6. Klytus

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    Nope. Even if it did, we'd still need to replace the motherboard to fix it, as no one wants a laptop where they need to schlep around a monitor to use it :)
  7. kimsland

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    OK but I wonder if it's a matter of pulling the screen apart and blah blah blah.
    Or just replacing it (oh yeah that's what you're doing :) )
  8. Tedster

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  9. Klytus

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    D'oh!! I was looking all over the place for something like this before I posted here.

    I guess my Search-Fu is weak.

    Thanks for this! This is most definitely getting bookmarked.
  10. CCT

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    The part that helps greatly is knowing what Bios the comp has to start with - I looked around for info regarding that and couldn't find anything.

    2s,1l,3s versus 2s then 1l,3s makes a REAL difference.


    edit: btw Tedster, nice effort there.
  11. Ruthe

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    Very glad that helped.

    All the best to you and good luck.
  12. TN Notebooks

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    Hallo Ruthe

    we have a similar Notebook like Klytus in the shop at the moment.
    Tecra S1 no picture
    insyde Bios - version unknown
    beep code short short long -- moment quit -- short short short
    no picture at all
    beep code only present if 2 mem modules installed or 1 mem module installd in the bank direct at mainboard
    if only 1 mem is installed in the outside ( top ) mem slot no beepcodes are generated

    do you have the complete beep code list of Insyde Bios and can you send it to me ?
    Info at tn-notebooks dot de

    i will check the GPU ( ATI radeon 9000 ) and GPU mem
    Normaly at this Notebook are GPU solders broken Or the solders of Grafik Memory BGA144 Chips - shop have to reball or exchange the chips

    best regards
  13. TN Notebooks

    TN Notebooks TS Rookie

    Hallo again

    For all for Info
    after disasembling and removal of the GPU cooler the bord showed a picture with clusters and lines - so a little more than beep - think the failure changed due to movement of bord

    first the Grafik memory was resoldered - no help - if you press on the bord near the GPU you see lines and clusters and windows freeze

    Now we resoldered the GPU

    Notebook works fine again :)

    for resolder we use a Ersa IR550

    best regards
  14. Ruthe

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    Dear TN,
    I'm glad you solved the problem. I've spent quite some time looking, but I can't find the list of Insyde beep codes that I once found.

    If you want to look, I'd suggest looking at the user's manuals for machines known to have Insyde in them. I'm fairly certain that's what I did. (I've checked the Acer and Toshiba laptop user's guides - the beep codes aren't there.) Otherwise just use a search engine for 'beep codes'. One way or another you will find it if you try long enough - I did. :)

    I also checked PCHell, TomsHardware and PCGuide and also Tedster's post on TechSpot here: (In my opinion, this one should have been pinned. It's very comprehensive!)

    My best guess is that I found it on a Gateway, Dell, PowerSpec, or Micron site+machine+user's guide. If I do ever find them again, I'll have Tedster add it to his list.

    Good luck!
  15. TN Notebooks

    TN Notebooks TS Rookie

    Dear Ruthe

    Thanks for your response,
    if You ever find a list please give me a Note
    or if i find i will Post it here

    best Regards
  16. Ruthe

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    You're welcome, Tom. I probably will find it again - but I don't know when. I'll be sure to include it here or on Tedster's list.

    All the best!
  17. Tedster

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    read my bios beep guide in the guides forum.
  18. cinek79

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    re : GPU in Toshiba


    Could you tell me where on the mobo is GPU and it's memory ?
  19. Tedster

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    you definitely have to know the bios in order to find what the codes are!
  20. Ruthe

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    If you mean the CPU, it'll be the rectangular (removable) piece on the mobo. If you have a recent machine, it'll be behind the fan. If you have an old clunker, there will be no fan. Be VERY careful removing the fan and CPU. It fits onto the mobo in ONE direction only and has pins on the back that must fit precisely. I don't know just why you're asking. If you go to your supplier's site, there should be a tech manual to show you. If not, your motherboard site will have all the tech details. If you just want to know more, here's a lot of info:
    scroll down about half way on the page and look for microprocessor.
    And no, I haven't found the beep codes yet.
  21. Ruthe

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  22. Tedster

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    GPU bios beeps normally are also in the guide ... it still falls under bios. Generally you won't get a meaningful answer. It will say something along the lines of (graphics card disabled... etc...)
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