Cant get picture out no matter what... tried everything

By goodfela
Mar 26, 2012
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  1. been around computers for a long time and cant get thisone figured out. took old ribbon dvd drive out for new sata dvd drive, and since cant get picture. tried replacing EVERY PART IN MY SYSTEM 1 part at a time. thinkin its somethin little im misssng. replaced mobo, still no pic outa card, returned that mobo and got new graphics card... still no picture. tried different processor still no pic, tried diff ram, tried diff power supply, tried diff hard drive, ive tried it all and im gettin aggrevated. intel mobo, nvidia geforce 7800, dual core.
  2. Zen

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    Seeing that this is your first post, I will say "welcome to TechSpot"!

    Next, I know this has you a bit miffed, I've been down your road of computer frustration at one time or another, but your going to have to give us a little bit more information.

    How about a small list of all your components?
    What type of case your trying to install of this in?
    What is your power supply, and what is it's rating?
    What Operating System are you using here?

    Maybe a slight "step by step" of what you did prior to uninstalling the I.D.E. DVD drive, through that, to installing the SATA DVD drive. If your suspicions are true, and you think that you missed something minor, doing a small 'step by step" thing sometimes takes care of these sort of thing.

    So please get back to us, we are here to help! :)

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