Cant open folder externally

By spkenny
Sep 10, 2008
  1. Have a customers machine that the hdd went bad in certain sectors. However it appears I can still retrieve data from it. A message pops up when trying to access the owner folder in documents and settings. "e:\Documents and settings\owner is not accessible. Access is denied." I need to find out how to access this folder as there are pictures and music from itunes I need to backup. I know of all the availiable explanations reguarding this problem, as I've searched reguarding this issue in google and yahoo. However all the explanations of a fix are pointed towards a situation where you have to actually be on the computer containing the hard drive. In this situation I am reading the hard drive externally.
  2. CCT

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    Have you tried Unstoppable Copier?
  3. spkenny

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    is that a free program and where do I get it?
  4. spkenny

    spkenny TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 57

    Ok, tried unstoppable copier, and running into the same message "e:\Documents and settings\owner is not accessible. Access is denied.". Just a reminder, I am trying to open this on an external hookup. The hard drive in its system will not boot into any mode, and will not get past the windows xp load screen without restarting. I imagine this is about where the error on the hdd is located. So trying to boot into the windows on the hdd in any system will not work. What I need is to find a way to access the "documents and settings\owner" folder by somehow bypassing the security the folder has externally.
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  6. CCT

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