Can't share OE 6.0 dbx folder with two accounts if one is "limited."

By leem
May 17, 2005
  1. I have outlook express for my email client. I use two accounts on my computer. My administrator account is for loading programs and admin type stuff. My user account is for surfing the web. My user account has limited access so that thing are harder to be installed on my computer from the web.

    I have them sharing the OE folder. If when I try to access mail from the user account, it says I don't have enough memory and the application closes with error (0x800c012E, 5).

    If I change the account type to administrator, then the problem goes away. Does anyone know of a way I can share the folder but have the user account stay limited?

    Thank you.
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    When you download this you'll see the link to Firefox. :D

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