CD burner help please

By angie471
Aug 4, 2009
  1. hi, first let me say im not good with the tech talk and need easy instruction.

    when i go into windows media player to burn a cd, it now says connect a burner and restart. im not sure what happened or how to fix it. also my cd door wont open anymore...
  2. red1776

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    hi angie,
    have you checked the power and Data cables to make sure they are secure at the unit and the mother board? How old is your CD/DVD burner? what operating system are you using? and when you go to computer or my computer, is it listed as a device with your other drives?
  3. Tedster

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    reseat the cd player and the cables. If your system still doesn't work I'd say you have a hardware problem.
  4. angie471

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    cd burner issues

    Wow. I spent all night searching for a solution....this problem seems pretty common. I attempted one solution but I got halfway thru to the end and realized I was scared to death about deleting Important things I wasnt sure about.

    My computer Is an EMachine T5246
    2.2 GHz 2GB 400GB
    Super DVD-RW
    AMD Athlon 64*2 processor 4200+
    Windows Vista
    (this is what my box said....)

    The cd burner was working just fine...I use It all the time. The other day It said connect the burner...I was baffled cuz nothing had been changed or updated. Yesterday, It said the same thing except now my door wont open. The green light is no longer lighting as well.
    I will for sure check It's connection....Thanks for the Ideas, I really appreciate them. I will post my results as soon as I can. Until then keep the advice coming cuz this is a pain!
  5. red1776

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    besides the things listed above to check, if the unit is older than 18 months, or been used heavily, there's a fighting chance its just dead. these drives are rather mechanical and don't have very long lifespan. you should check all other avenues first of course, but its a possibility as well.
  6. raybay

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  7. angie471

    angie471 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cd burner reply

    I forgot to mention the computer is only 2 years old. I know that dosnt say much. I have yet to open It up, thats a job for the husband but I'm hoping It just came disconncted somehow. Either way, I have one I can replace It with In the meantime. Thanks everybody:)

    OH! You guys may laugh but I just have no clue when It comes to computers but.....
    aside from the cd burner issue, my safely remove hardware icon has appeared and wants me to
    safely remove the Hitachi HDT725040VLA SCSI Disk Devices Drives H; C;

    Isnt that the whole computer Itself? Why would It just up and say that? and does It or could It have ANYthing to do with my cd burner issue?
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