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By JulieB
Jan 8, 2006
  1. Hope this is the right place. I can no longer burn cd's using the Operating System's CD Writing Wizard. (I get a popup saying "Cannot Complete the Task" I also cannot burn cd's using Windows Media Player 10. (I get error code COOD11AB). I have tried Microsoft's resolution, and nothing works. But I can burn a music cd using musicmatch. I need to get some photos on cd. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks. OS Windows XP Home, SP2.
  2. JulieB

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    Hello all. I still can't burn cd's through the operating system or Media player 10. But I did not know you could burn photos to a cd using MusicMatch. I thought it was just for burning music cd's. Anyway, as long as I can get info on cd's somehow, I'll just not worry about the CD Writing Wizard or Media Player 10. Unless , of course, someone has a solution to the CD Writing Wizard or WMP10. I hate things that don't work. Anyway, thank you very much for this helpful site.
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