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By rev_olie
Feb 15, 2009
  1. Hey

    I got a new DVD drive at Christmas for my PC and have a problem with the case. The case is a black iCute case and it has a door on the front (its in my pictures on Techspot if you need to look) to hide bays and such.
    The problem is is that when i press the button on the case, this presses the DVD drives button to open however, when the drive opens and the flap comes down (from the case that hides the drive) it catches the drive and only allows the drive bay to open about 3CM, which then makes it stress and closes again.
    The only way to stop it is to hold the top right corner of the case door in so it doesn't flap at all or open the door but i shouldn't have to do that surely.
    I'm dubious about having the PC turned on and trying to adjust the case that way so how do i measure up.
    Because its screwed in i have to unfasten the screws to get it to work. I tried to sort it with the drive unscrewed but when i press the button the case door would catch and push the drive backwards.
    So could i try and fasten it with the PC on or is there any other ideas.
    Seems like a simple problem but its been driving me made since Christmas and I'm finally have time to get it sorted.
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