CD/DVD Drives Today

By greatman05
Jun 23, 2007
  1. Hey, guys. Do they still produce CD/DVD drives today that feature a headphone port embedded in the drive? I had forgotten how useful this feature could be until I got to a computer that was too far on the floor to make the audio port useful to my headphone's cord length. Then, I figured, since all of my favorite music is on CDs, why not disable DAE in Winamp and use the analog headphone port on the drive. I instantly fell in love with it.
  2. LinkedKube

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    hmm, weird. Most cords now are 8-10 feet long, unless you have an old one. I havnt seen a cd drive with an analog port on it recently at all.
  3. greatman05

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    I forgot to mention that I'm using cheap $10.00 earphones with a 4 ft. cord...
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