Change Norton 2006 firewall rule

By michjor
Dec 31, 2008
  1. Hope this is the right forum.

    Ok, i was surfing the web when the norton internet security 2006 alerted me about iexplorer.exe trying to access the internet, i got surprised because i already was on the internet, right, so the thing is that i wanted to block that acces once to see what happen, but by accident i told the norton firewall to block the acces always.

    I know there are better programs but let's say i want to keep this one.

    Does anyone know how can i change it back? Because right now the only way to get on the internet is turning the firewall off.
  2. michjor

    michjor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got it, after reading a lot, i found the answer in the help file. So this is what i did :

    On the main window (the one that is swhon when norton internet security is opened)

    1. Click on the personal firewall, then click on configure button.

    A window with several options came out.

    2. Go to the programs tab.

    At the bottom there was a list with the different programs that usually connect to internet. I just looked for the iexplorer and it was blocked.

    3. Finally i just changed the value and now i'm free to surf again.:D
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