Changed laptop processor screwed again?

  1. i have a Compaq F700 laptop which is about 2 years old. recently i played on it (a lot) so much so that the processor completely burned out. since my model is not supported in India and no private engineer seemed to know what to do, i had the processor changed for a pretty hefty sum. two months down the line and my computer is acting all funny again.
    1. it shuts down and restarts at odd hours .. sometimes after 2 min. sometimes after 2 hours.
    2. sometimes the screen kinda distorts... like that "thread" slide transition in MS PowerPoint.
    3. it hangs at odd hours.. sometimes before sometimes after it shuts down.
    4. and when it shuts down it restarts continuously till it gets it right.

    do you think its because of the processor ?
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    Well it certainly needs work... a good cleaning out of all the debris, dust, firch, mogus, and grunge... first..
    Then make sure all memory banks are filled with good quality memory.
    The processor should not need replacement, but the CPU fan might need it, if you use it a great deal.
    But I would start by a clean reformat and reinstall of the hard drive... and then work up from there.

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